Complete Costumes

Batman (michael keaton)
Batman (1989)
indiana jones (RETIRED)
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

In Progress Costumes

Egon Spengler
Ghostbusters 2
Dalek Wendy (from 2006)
Doctor Who - Doomsday

Planned Costumes

Michael Keaton (Batman)
Batman returns ON HOLD while working on the dalek
Iron man (mark 3 from first movie)
Iron Man Movie
Dalek Emily (Rememberance of the Daleks)
Doctor Who
kairi's (KeyBlade Project For Annie ON HOLD)
Kindgom hearts
Dalek Annie
Genesis of the Daleks
Rory Williams
Doctor Who
The Doctor
Doctor Who
tommy white tiger (white tige ranger)
Mighty Morphin power rangers
Dalek (2010)
Doctor Who: Series 5
Ryuk (version without wings)
Death Note Anime
The Doctor
Doctor Who