Complete Costumes

Harry Potter (Retired)
Harry Potter
James Potter (Marauders Era)
Harry Potter - Marauders Era
Myron Mordino
Fallout 2
Karkat (4 Chords)
Homestuck AU
Luna Lovegood (School Uniform)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Lolita (Pirate Lolita)
Lolita Fashion
Lolita (OTT Sweet)
Remus John Lupin (RETIRED)
Harry Potter: Maruders Era
Hermione J Granger (3rd Year)
Harry Potter

In Progress Costumes

Roxy Lalonde (Default)
Homestuck - MS Paint Adventures.
Britney Rosacrux (Vault 101)
Fallout 3
Jade Harley (Atom!)
Howard Wolowitz (Yellow )
The Big Bang Theory
Dave Strider (Alpha)
Little Sister (Purple version)
Bioshock 2

Planned Costumes

Mia (Dance)
Pulp Fiction
Jane Crocker (Default)
Mad Moxxi
Lieutenant Commander Data (Series 1)
Star Trek The Next Generation
Marty McFly
Back to the Future (1985)
Sheldon Cooper (Doppler Effect)
The Big Bang Theory