Complete Costumes

Black Canary (Justice League of America)
DC Comics Justice League of America
Black Widow (Comic Book version)
The Avengers
Irene Adler (White Dress)
Sherlock Holmes BBC
Elle Driver (Black Suit)
Kill Bill 2
Gina & Corey (Main outfits)
Empire Records
Princess Aurora (Briar Rose (peasant outfit))
Sleeping Beauty
Elsa (Snow Queen dress)
Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer)
Batman returns
Supergirl (Based on Helen Slater & Matrix aka Supergirl)
Supergirl (aka Linda Lee / Kara Zor-El)
Alice (Tim Burton movie)
Alice in Wonderland
Sonya Blade (Played by Bridgette Wilson)
Mortal Kombat Movie
Blaze Fielding (SOR 1)
Streets Of Rage

In Progress Costumes

Emma Frost / The White Queen (Diamond form)
X Men
Alice (Alice with & without Hatters coat)
Syfy Alice
Trinity (1st movie)
The Matrix
Blaze Fielding (SOR 3)
Streets Of Rage
Cammy White
Street Fighter II
Mystique (aka Raven Darkholme) (Agent X)
X Men comicbooks
Carrie Bradshaw (Iconic newspaper dress Season 3)
Sex and the City
Electra (SOR2)
Streets Of Rage

Planned Costumes

Catwoman (Black costume with white eyes)
Batman Animated Series
Jetta Maxx
Eternal Champions
Mia Wallace (Jack Rabbit Slims / dance scene)
Pulp Fiction