Complete Costumes

Mary-Sue Swan (Own Version)
ANBU Sakura (ANBU version )
Vaporeon (Human Form)
Pokemon Gijinka
Colette (Just her normal costume)
Tales of Symphonia
Axel (Orgy ;D)
Kingdom hearts 2
Sora (Normal costume throughout the game)
Kingdom hearts 2

In Progress Costumes

Ash Ketchum (First outfit)
Pokemon Series One (Red Blue Yellow)
Aidou Hanabusa (School Uniform)
Vampire Knight
Black Star (His normal costume)
Soul Eater, Anime

Planned Costumes

Grell Sutcliffe (Normal costume)
Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
Yuna (Gunner Yuna)
Fianl Fantasy X-2
Zell Dincht (His out of school costume)
Final Fantasy 8