Complete Costumes

Will Adams aka Joshua in Japan ( Traditional dress.)
Captain Teatime
Steampunk (original)
Gondorian Ranger (Veteran)
The Two Towers.
Shinigami (Veteran.)
Barbarrossa (Barbary Pirate)
Byzantine Warrior (12th Cent infantry)
Historical research
No name! (Western Gunfighter)
Original photo's and Sergio Leone films among others.
Western, "Johny Reb". (Buffalo hunter, trapper.)
Many films, some original photo's.
Joshua, steampunk villain?? (semi formal)
Steampunk Fashion
Jean David Reynaued (in forage cap)
French army regulations of 1812
Joshua (Medieval mercenary (aging))
guess what
Elizabethan - Stuart Period man (Tudor Militia archer, Stuart period Trained Band.)
Historical research (again)
Tudor mercenary (In Germanic pluderhose)
Historical research
Anglo Burgundian archer (three quarter South German style armour)
Historical research
Alan Quatermain (Norfolk jacket and breeches, worn at martian landing ,vol 2)
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
King John and other Medieval types. (Worn for Rotherham Medieval festival and Dinan fete.)
Historical research
Generic Viking Warrior (Aging)
Various films and books
Joshua the Pirate (early 18th cent. carribean)
Various films and historic research

In Progress Costumes

Shinsengumi. (3 d)
Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan and non fiction sources.
The Mummy, The Mummy Returns
Baron Munchausen
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen by Terry Gilliam
Theoden (Renewed)
Lord of the Rings movies

Planned Costumes

Marshal Leigh Johnson (TBD)
Red Dead Redemption