Complete Costumes

Mistress Assassin (Female Recruit)
Assassin's Creed Brotherhooh
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon R
Saskia (The Dragonslayer)
The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings | The Witcher Battle Arena
Lucrezia Borgia (Lucrecia Borgia)
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
Film Toy Story 2 & 3
Jane Porter
Film Tarzan
Amazon (Amazona, Rogue)
Diablo II
Alis Landale (Alisa Landeel, Arisa Rand?ru)
Phantasy Star
Marian Hawke (Lady Hawke)
Dragon Age 2
True Valkyrie (Valkyrie, Alicia)
Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria
Alexia Ashford
Resident evil code veronica x
Claire Redfield
resident evil 2

In Progress Costumes

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia

Planned Costumes

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