Complete Costumes

Tallis (No shoulder/arm armour due to need of crutches.)
Dragon Age 2
Ser Wesley Vallen (Everything but his face and hair.)
Dragon Age 2
Alyndra (City Elf Warden) (Original Character, Alienage Clothes Style (City Elf Origin Story))
Dragon Age Origins
Sniper Wolf (Standard)
Metal Gear Solid
Sniper Wolf
Metal Gear Solid
Batgirl (Skirt/dress)
Nabi and Doki
There She Is
Random Pirate (Various different piratey outfits)
Pirates (Random)
Random Party Costumes (Club Theme Nights) (Everything from Santa to Rednecks and a while lot in the middle)
Little Bo Peep (Goth/Dark Variant)
Nursery Rhymes
Chun Li (Standard Blue)
Street Fighter 2
Harley Quinn (No hat, pigtails)
Princess Leia (Darth Leia - Original Concept)
Star Wars
Domino (X-Force/Modern variant)
X-men, X-Force

In Progress Costumes

Wolverine (Sex and Violence)
X force
Domino (Sex and Violence)
X force
Doki (Standard)
There She Is

Planned Costumes

Princess Leia (Dark Side - Slave Outfit)
Star Wars
Young-Goon (In asylum - white dress)
I'm A Cyborg But That's OK
Jeanne (Standard)
Kitana (Mortal Kombat 2)
Mortal Kombat