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Help with Tights + Armsocks

TugaChan - 7th July 2020

I'm doing a cosplay of widowmaker and am avoiding the hassle of painting my hands and legs (and also shaving my legs) by buying tights. However, the only things I could find that were a match for the skintone were not tights, but stockings. In short my question is, how do you keep stockings up?
I've already seen guides saying to sew them into the mesh of a set of other tights but i sadly cant do that as widowmaker, so are there any alternatives?

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delusional - 8th July 2020

Yeah normally you'd sew them onto another part of your costume, but if that's not possible, there are stockings with grip bands at the top - this stops them falling down. You could also look up body tape, but I'll admit I've not had as much luck with that on stretchy material. I'm not sure which version of Widowmaker you're doing, but I'd suggest looking up bodystockings or full body tights - this could solve your problem :)

I believe you can also dye some tights with special dye (for example https://www.coscraft.co.uk/rit-dyemore-synthetic-dye-13-colours.html) , so that's worth investigating if you can find the right style but not the right colour, I'm afraid I've not experimented with that though!

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TugaChan - 9th July 2020

Thank you!!! <3 <3

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