Delusional posted on 16th August 2019

Feature opinions wanted: social media ‘reactions’

Happy Friday! A chunk of you may know that the CI team are hard at work developing a new site framework, which we can't wait to share with you. While we're doing this, we're also thinking about future projects we can do or changes to the site as a whole, and we have a conundrum that we'd like to put to you guys!

One of the main feedback points we get for people using the site is that there's no way of interacting or commenting on updates, only a costume. Which can make updating with new photos and journal entries a bit like shouting into the void. So we wanted to put the discussion out to you all as it is a contentious topic - the idea of 'likes', or reactions to updates. It's a delicate balancing act of showing that your content is appreciated, vs not fuelling anxiety over like counts or rankings. One thing we'll make clear is that we'll never rank or filter out content based on 'likes' - we'll always stick to chronological content and showing who you've decided to follow!

There are many ways we could tackle this, some examples below:
- Allowing reactions to content, and showing details of such on the costume page.
- Allowing reactions, but only showing them temporarily, or on a feed or dashboard - not shown historically.
- Anonymous reactions, just 'X people love your photo'.
- Showing reaction counts only to you, not to other members of the site.
- Allowing you to turn off reactions on your profile, people could still like your content but you wont get notified or see tallies of such on your profile.

So over to you - what are your thoughts on social media style reactions, do you see them as positive or negative? Would you like to see them in some form on CI? All opinions appreciated!

If you prefer, we also have the same discussion topic on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/cosplayisland/posts/1342055455960592

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