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Prop Blueprints for sale! and commission!
Started by TugaChan (updated 3rd September 2020) 0
How to make colours bleed
Started by TugaChan (updated 12th July 2020) 0
Help with Tights + Armsocks
Started by TugaChan (updated 9th July 2020) 2
Meeting cosplayers
Started by Carwyn_Owen (updated 29th June 2020) 0
Comment on a cosplay of the user above you
Started by LittleCosplayer (updated 24th May 2020) 3
Costume advice
Started by CuriousJac (updated 26th January 2020) 0
Masquerade: One Piece Group
Started by NorthamptonGuy (updated 14th October 2019)
Hibanacon 2019 0
Desperate for a Daenerys costume urgently
Started by TinyRicki (updated 8th April 2019) 0
need a cosplay group
Started by shadow202 (updated 5th April 2019) 0
Started by 1000014 (updated 3rd April 2019) 1
My Hero Academia Cosplay Group!
Started by Mochimun (updated 26th January 2019)
MCM London Comic Con May 2019 0
Cosplay happiness chat
Started by White Tigress (updated 6th November 2018) 6
Costumes You Are Working On
Started by RetroRobby (updated 25th October 2018) 22
Advice on Face Paint & Sweat
Started by Mr. Sat-Ash (updated 22nd August 2018) 4
Old School but excited!
Started by Anonymous (updated 24th July 2018)
MCM Manchester Comic Con 2018 0
Cosplays for Amecon?
Started by CrystalNeko (updated 5th July 2018)
Amecon 2018 23
Sunnycon Cosplays!
Started by Littlerascal92 (updated 18th May 2018)
SunnyCon 2018 1
Circle Lenses
Started by Anonymous (updated 21st April 2018) 4
Welcome to chatter
Started by Delusional (updated 19th March 2018) 0

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