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MCM Birmingham Comic Con March 2019 (Ann Takamaki, Moira O'Deorain)


MCM London Comic Con October 2017 (Melpomene, Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond)

YCC End of Summer Ball (Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond)

MCM London Comic Con May 2017 (Mega Kangaskhan)

MCM Birmingham Comic Con 2017 (Kahili, Blue Diamond)


MCM London Comic Con October 2016 (Sheila the Kangaroo, Ice Bear, Sapphire)

MCM Birmingham Comic Con 2016 (Sapphire, Cynthia)


MCM London Comic Con October 2015 (Little Miss Forge)

MCM Manchester Comic Con 2015 (Gou Matsuoka)

MCM London Comic Con May 2015 (Leafeon, Aqua Admin Shelly)

MCM Midlands Comic Con 2015 (Korrina)


MCM London Comic Con October 2014 (Kowalski, Liza, Dialga)

MCM Manchester Comic Con 2014 (Sailor Saturn, Kyogre, Sailor Neptune)

London MCM Expo Comic Con May 2014 (Aira, Shizuru Viola, Articuno)

MCM Midlands Comic Con 2014 (Zakuro Fujiwara)


London MCM Expo Comic Con October 2013 (Clair, Sailor Neptune)

Manchester MCM Expo 2013 (Michiru Kaioh)

London MCM Expo May 2013 (Cali, Leafeon)

Midlands MCM Expo 2013 (Hogwarts House Ghosts (Commission), Rowena Ravenclaw)


London MCM Expo October 2012 (Blaze the Cat)

Manchester MCM Expo 2012 (Skitty)

Lucky-Con 2012 (Sir Percival/ Blaze V1.2)

London MCM Expo May 2012 (Sir Gawain/ Knuckles, Merlina's Staff (Commission), Sir Percival/ Blaze)

Midlands MCM Expo Feb 2012 (Bakugami (Boar), Tachigami (Rat), Moegami (Rooster))


London MCM Expo October 2011 (Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion (Part Commission), Cobalion (Part Commission), Virizion)

Summer of Sonic 2011 (Silver the Hedgehog)

London MCM Expo May 2011 (Dr. Eggman/Robotnik (Commission), Silver the Hedgehog, Young Franziska Von Karma, Blaze the Cat (Commission))

Midlands MCM Expo 2011 (Charmy Bee)


London MCM Expo October 2010 (Franziska Von Karma)

London MCM Expo May 2010 (Ming-Ming Love, Tikal)


London MCM Expo Oct 2009 (Falco Lombardi)

London MCM Expo May 2009 (Sailor Moon, Krystal)


London MCM Expo October 2008 (Blaze the Cat, Galinda/Glinda the Good)

London MCM Expo May 2008 (Pudding Fong)

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