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Cosplay Island is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk. What does this mean? By clicking these links and purchasing the products or similar products within a time frame, you are supporting us directly and helping to keep this site up and free for all cosplayers.

Does cosplay island receive revenue from adverts?

Sometimes! Using Google's adsense program, or promoted products from amazon, we can often claim a small affiliate share of purchases that visitors go on to make. Although this share is tiny, over time this can add up to help us cover server costs.

Where does this money go?

Cosplay island has always been a free to use site, with no features hidden behind paywalls or 'tiers'. We intend to always keep it like this, cosplay itself is expensive enough! Sadly server costs to keep us online aren't cheap, so we have to utilise adverts on the site where we can, and sometimes take part in sponsored promotions or adverts. Whenever we do a partnership or sponsorship of any products, we will always make it clear if we're receiving any payment or other service in return for this. Our staff are entirely paid in sugar, caffeine and good will, no money goes direct to any person.

Ads, what ads?

As we use ads generated through google, or dynamic ads that we've set up through amazon, our ads always get caught in ad blocker software. Please consider adding us to a whitelist for your ad blocker software, we really appreciate it! Plus as we move towards more curated ads through amazon's program, we promise these adverts will definitely be tailored to cosplayers - you might find some bargains!

I'm interested in sponsorship

If you run an event, have products or provide a service that could be useful for cosplayers, we're interested in hearing from you. Please email support@cosplayisland.co.uk to get in touch. Please note however, if your concept is not of direct interest to cosplayers, we will not consider any partnership.

I already have too many cosplay tools, can I support you in another way?

Amazon has an awesome bounty program that rewards us for referring people for their many great services, so if you're interested in any of the below, you can do us a massive favour by signing up via these links below. Yes - we even get a small fee for people taking up trials! Please make sure you read the full T&Cs and cancellation policies of any of these services first before doing so.

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