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Name : Stacey
Location : North Wales
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Personal Bio

I love being creative and love trying new things :) I'm currently studying Animation in university, I love drawing, and animating, but I have recently taken up sewing, and I'm currently practicing my hand stitching, by making keyrings and just recently made a snug little Link case for my 3DS out of felt :P

I'm very shy, but love making new friends, and hope that I can meet new people with similar interests :) Once you get me started on a subject I won't stop >//<

Hoping I can improve my costume making skills, I have yet to conquer the sewing machine D= Also I fail at posing :P

Cosplay Bio

I have been interested in cosplaying for a long time now, but as I live in an area that doesn't really embrace the anime culture it was very hard for me to find conventions near by. In 2008, TokyoPOP set up an small event at bookstores where they held a 'mini convention' where you could cosplay, have snacks, read manga, they had quizzes, art and cosplay competitions, and news on upcoming manga. The event was held in Borders in Cheshire Oaks, and it was a lot fun. I dressed up as Link from Legend of Zelda :)

Looking back now my costume was incredibly lame D= I had foam sheets just stitched together on my arm for the gauntlets, I worn a school polo shirt and I had folded up plasters on my ears @___@

It was alot of fun though, and I really enjoyed it, and it was a great first taste of a convention.

I haven't been to many conventions since, as they are still quite a trip to get to from where I live and cost a lot of money :(

Bu since then I went to London Expo 2010, which was my first proper con (I met Vic Mignogna) I didn't cosplay, but I did wear my Edward Elric red coat :) which was made for me by a friend, and most recently I went to Manchester Expo 2012 (where I met Vic Mignogna again) and I cosplayed Lady Loki (Avengers Inspired), the costume was quite rushed but I did learn when making the helmet. Unfortunately I didn't get very many good pictures, and my makeup at the beginning of the convention was terrible D=

I still have a lot to learn :) I'm hoping to try find a cosplay group I can join, as it would be a lot more fun :)


Drawing / Art / Animation / Anime / Gaming / manga / Sewing / Cinema / Cosplay / Legend of Zelda / Disney / Dreamworks / Kingdom Hearts / Fullmetal Alchemist