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Name : Faye
Website : http://f4bl3s.tumblr.com/
Location : Hull
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 16th September 1990
Age : 26

Personal Bio

Hi there :) Fables here! Just giving my profile a bit of a spring-clean ;)
I'm now in my 20's and I have a job at a pet store :)

Generally I'm a nice person, or rather, I try my best to be! I like being sociable but generally I'm more of an indoorsy person. I don't ever go out drinking or whatnot, I'd much rather stay in and chill out with movies and video games!
I also love to draw, especially when the mood strikes me, and I have a deviantart that I use every now and then, as well as several notebooks scattered around the house each with their fair share of doodles!

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying in 2007, after seeing some people cosplay to a local event. These people soon became my closest circle of friends, which is great! My first few costumes were online bought, but as of 2009/10, I have started to make my own. My very first handmade costume was Refia, followed by Hatsune Miku, which despite thinking it was brilliant at the time, is actually awful! But I suppose that's just how we learn and improve, eh?
I cosplay from various sources, both western and eastern, and also really like Lolita fashion even though I don't wear it or even own any pieces!

I've been attending conventions/events since 2009 and enjoy both conventions and expos.

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Anime / Lolita / Video Games / Vocaloids / Flash Animation / DC Comics / Pets / Rooster Teeth / Warhammer / Dota 2