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Name : Brianna - Jane {Bri J}
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Location : United Kingdom
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Date of Birth : 11th March 1998
Age : 19

Personal Bio

My friends always describe me as brave and a bit 'pastel hipster'
At the moment I am a Student, I am doing my GCSE's. I hope to go into theatre and film work such as costume design, costuming, styling and also acting because it's always been a passion of mine as I love movies and I love the art behind acting and drama gives you so much confidence. And the designing part I've wanted to do since I was about 5 when I took part in a fashion show where my mum had made a dress for me and I've loved dressing up as Disney princesses from an even younger age :)
I like to have my own original style and way of doing things and I'm definitely not one to follow a trend.
But about me - my name's Bri. I'm a massive whovian, I've watched doctor who my whole life and never intend on stopping ♡ and I really love harry potter too. Gryffindor. I'm very much into my music, not confident enough to show it though *x* my favourite bands are mcfly, busted, green day, blink 182, the Beatles, the rolling stones - the list is never ending. I have cat. I watch way too much tv. I'm blonde (I'm not dumb!)
♥Karen and the babes ♥

That's basically it.

Cosplay Bio

I've loved dressing up since I was a toddler but I didn't discover cosplay till around 2010.
I was looking for a Tinkerbell dress to have for Halloween and I came across a blog where it had pictures of 'the best tinkerbell cosplays' I looked through them and at first I thought they all worked at Disney World but I searched the word 'cosplay' and found I then discovered a friend online who had a YouTube channel and made cosplay videos, hers were of Draco and Harley Quinn at the time but I decided that I wanted to join in.
My first cosplay was of Hermione in her first year because at the time I was only 12, and then it went on from there.
My proudest moment was at Leavsden studios in my Hermione cosplay and I got picked to open the actual great hall doors and say 'welcome to Hogwarts' - it was amazing! And I had people asking for pics of me, I just loved the whole experience. Similar thing happen at the doctor who exhibition when I dressed as Amy pond. They have this wax model of Matt smith there so I got a lot of pics taken with him. Photos taken by complete strangers lol x)
But I'd really love to win an award at one of the conventions but I've yet to go to one.

Contact Information - LunaPond73 - gogogryffindor (I also have a ton of art there too)
Tumblr - year3000atSuperCity
Instagram - GalaxyCrasher1D
Twitter - @Galaxy_Crasher
YouTube - GalaxyCrasher1D
Cosplay Lab - LunaPond73



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