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Name : Paper Cube
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Location : UK
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I'm a photographer enthusiast who also happens to love editing images, as much as taking them. I believe in putting in as much effort in my work as you do with your costumes.

Photography for me, is challenging and rewarding to get the composition/lighting right. I'm not a professional by any means, and i know there are always some improvements i can do in my photos, but i'm keen and open to suggestions on how i can improve, another words, constructive criticism always welcome.

Some of my work can be seen here at Cosplay Islands gallery:-

And at DeviantArt, where i announce which expo/con i will be attending.

If you happen to be attending the same expo/con as me, let me know if you fancy a photoshoot, i'll be more than happy to fit you in where i can.



Photos / photos / photos...don't forget the gear / oh yeah....need gear!!