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Name : Gil
Website : http://purplefluffychainsaw.deviantart.com/
Location : The Eagle and Child, St Giles St.
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I'm autistic and artistic, I'm blonde, I'm a cosplayer and a cat-lover, I'm Dolthalion and dyslexic and dumb (or maybe just happy) and the devil in disguise, I'm eccentric and epileptic, I'm a film studies student and fussy, I'm Gil and Gilbert and a geek, I'm hypersensitive and hyposensitive and hormonal, I'm invisible and idiotic, I'm jelly, what am I?, I'm Kentish, I'm lonely in love and a LotR-freak, I'm mopey and musical and more then you are, I'm not normal and a Nirvana-fan, I'm old, I'm Purplefluffychainsaw and proud and pansexual, I'm quiet (sometimes), I'm a random roleplayer, I'm SAM and Sammeth and I'm silly, I'm tricksy, I'm unusual, I'm vain and vegetarian, I'm a writer in my own little world, I'm x-rated, I'm yellow, I'm zealous (about fantasy) and my teacher'll be so proud I finally learnt my alphabet. Now I'll just move onto my times tables...

Cosplay Bio

I never stopped the fancy dress parties. I just went to slightly bigger ones with names like "mcm london expo", where I could molest the voice actors. By far my favourite (and in my opinion best) cosplay I've done so far is my Ed one, which also happens to be my first. I'm also absurdly fond of my K, and need a chance to wear him more.

Up until 2009 I made my costumes by hand/by mother and her sewing machine. As of Sakura (my first costume of 2009) I'm using a sewing machine - unless I want to be neat.

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