Personal Information

Name : Maxine
Location : Somerset, UK
Date of Birth : 31st December 1987
Age : 29

Personal Bio

I am a Graphic Designer / IT Assistant for an online party company based in Somerset. I spend most of my free time making costumes, gaming and working on my webcomic (not yet released).
Despite my appearance, I'm actually pretty shy and awkward, so if you have met me and I have said something weird to you, then I am sorry! I was probably just really impressed my your costume, and didn't know how to express it!
Sadly, I do not have a Somerset accent.

Cosplay Bio

As you can probably tell from my Costumes page, I like to cosplay characters that are way out of my body type! This is because I like to cosplay my favourite characters, not the characters I look best as. I'm not the skinniest person, so I'd run out of interesting characters pretty quickly if I only cosplayed the overweight ones! I got into cosplay to have fun with my friends at Halloween, and since then, my friends and I have been to quite a few cons (as many as our budget can handle!) dressed in various random costumes. Pippin4242 and I tend to choose pretty obscure characters to dress up as, especially if they haven't been done before.

Contact Information

tumblr: angelinmakeup
deviantArt: kyuuketsukinousagi
pixiv: yatanokarasu
I rarely use these accounts anymore!


gaming / art / nature / horror / gore / halloween / robots / reptiles / insects / occult / angels