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Name : Michelle
Website : http://www.livejournal.com/users/245tri_oxin
Location : Didcot, Oxfordshire
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 30th March 1985
Age : 32

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Twentythree, mentally twelve. Loves Star Wars, dinosaurs and fashion design. I think everything would look better in pink. I also run Final Fantasy Live LRP and we're just starting up the system now - be a part of it! ffl.myfreeforum.org

Is a bit of a chubber, so looking for costumes that look good on girls over a size 12. Recommendations are gladly taking. Apparantly I have 'cracking tits' so looking around for that sort of thing as all the characters I know and love are skinny bints with their tummies and legs out.

Cosplay Bio

I've gotten into cosplay because I love making costumes for my LRP characters at at the moment, I don't have anything that I'm that excited about making. Hopefully, a bit of cosplay will liven up my art-life a little?! My first costume I ever made entirely from scratch was a beastkin kit for Curious Pastimes and it looked far too much like an Ewok. My favorite kit so far is for my original Star Wars character, Riju Waydrifter. Jedi, Dathomiri, family of bounty hunters... there was a lot to get IN the costume and I think I've nearly cracked it.

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