Personal Information

personal photo
Name : Bird
Location : Cromer (Norfolk)
Date of Birth : 27th June 1990
Age : 24

Personal Bio

Hello one and all, I am Wyebird. Or Bird for short. Or Wye.... whichever you prefer! I'm 23, living in Cromer (In Norfolk) and usually spend my days drawing, writing or tailoring. And watching anime... when I'm not busy playing RPGs anyway. I lead such an exciting life!

And I have an addiction called Chinese food. Man.... love the stuff.

Cosplay Bio

Cosplay wise, I'm a newbie. Currently beginning to make my own cosplay outfit (Attack on Titan Scouting uniform) But I hope to get more into it as time goes on :)

Though being a short person, I find it hard to find similar looking characters. Le sigh :c

Being a tom boy, I do prefer cosplaying as male characters. But from time to time, I may cosplay as female characters. Depends how persuasive my friends can be :/


RPGs / Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Writing / Drawing / Making things / Anime / Bad guys / Armour / white hair / Magic / Gifted