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Name : Kean
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Surfer. Blogger. Gamer. Skateboarder.
Im somewhat a culmination of all those things above. Mix and match the stereotypes, add some nerdy-ness, turn up the volume with rock music and the late night romance in one whole massive explosion. Think. If the world was a mathematical formula I dare say You + Me is meant to be. Then again why not add a bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs and multiply...catch my drift? I joke. Split the worries, cloud your perception and dream away – life is always what you make it and I happen to just play create share my way in just doing it before it melts in my hand.

Just kidding, that's just the inner kid in me :P

Tweet at me @Smile250 keep the convo going! :D

Lifestyle and Socials are all about us, experiences powered by our vision and collaboration. Its time we get to know as many people as we can - relive our teenage dreams and push the boundaries to our inner limits and therefore discover adventures we previously did not know of.

Cosplay Bio

As a teenager, going to conventions has been almost a tradition for me. I typicaly attend as many as I can across the UK and primarily London. I initially focused on the journalism concept of conventions and I attend comic-cons, trade shows, entertainment expos and gaming conventions.

My facebook has a back catalog of Cosplayers. I have covered cosplay photography for a while now to be infused with my blogging as my favourite hobby of all. I'm a teenage college blogger and my "LoveStrucked" Blog has gain many fans over the years and expanding my Smile250 network across many social sites.

I blog about lifestyle and I wish to encourage people to get out there and try everything they can! I always push forward the idea trying new things. COSPLAYING is something I've always covered and adored as a blogger and in-fact supported to be exact. Headphones in. K-POP music ON. Rock out!

*Smile250 Officially Announces*
Starting this Feb 2013 I will be starting to get involved in cosplaying. I will continue to cover cosplay and snap all those photos to add to my portfolio but I wish to support the community in new ways.

I will start making my own costumes and we'll see where it all goes. I have no art experience, neither have I knowledge in sewing, textiles and design. This is all for trying new things and I can't wait to cosplay with future conventions.

Here goes nothing! xD

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Twitter: Smile250
Tumblr: Smile250
Facebook: Kean Tyrone Tagaro

Here's my official Facebook fan page

There's so many weird things about me that it makes absolute sense that if you're a weirdo,we should hang out sometime :L Shout out to all my friends over the years who have put up with my slight mix of craziness.

I love FOOD,I love SLEEPING and basketball is my sport.

ahh forever alone hehe. Still single =p,


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