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Name : Tracy
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Location : WEM
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Date of Birth : 3rd September 1982
Age : 34

Personal Bio

I am generally very quiet, and used to have great fear of talking or going on stage, I never took part in drama class's, when there was a class I would always do work from another subject becuase I was to shy and affraid to take part. I live in the small town of Wem Shropshire and live with my parents, I have a little Rabbit called Cocoa and am a member of the Rabbit Welfare association charity. I love rollerocasters and used to be in the rollercoaster club of great Britain, though left after an accident to the head on one ride. I now have to watch what I ride. I work in a supermarket part time and just had my 10 year badge last year.
Over the years since getting into costumes I have developed confidence for going on the stage, though I still don't feel entirley comfortable with it and really not quite as confident as other people. I have a small White Micra car with pink wheel and pink seats. Pink is my favourite colour.

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying in 2007, I feel in love with Padme's lake dress from Star Wars attack of the clones. I had only a little sewing experience so had mum to help me as she taught me some things growing up. I had to learn to dye fabric which i'd never done before and loved dyeing the dress. After I that I went crazy as i'd always loved big ball gowns with those big crinoline hoops growing up.
I have taken time to learn better and have entered many cosplay comp's including:-
Collecotrmainia cosplay Ocotber 2007 Padme Picnic Dress, First prize
Collectormainia cosplay 2008 Padme Lake Dress, First Prize
Collectormainia cosplay 2009 Padme Packing Gown, First Prize
Collecotrmainia cosplay 2012 Padme Parade Gown, Seocnd Prize
Telford Expo cosplay 2011, Disney's Giselle Wedding dress, First prize
Telford Expo Cosplay 2012, Danielle De Barbarc Just Breathe Gown, No Win
Birmingham Memorabilia March 2012, Dsiney Rapunzel, First Prize
Telford Expo cosplay 2013, Disney's Belle, No Win Again.

I am better at making the costumes than going on the stage I feel, though this year I was even more confident. I now have 13 costumes made over the last 5 years. I have NO professional training in sewing, all has been taught to me over the years by mum. I had 6 sewing lessons by a teacher last year, but cost me to much so had to leave.

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Films I love a nice romantic film / I don't like horror or violence. I like to collect disney and barbie collector dolls / and love rabbits.