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Name : Katrina
Website : http://tsunbaruu.tumblr.com/
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Personal Bio

I love Anime,Manga,Cosplay and Japan~
Just call me Rin :3!
15 years old~ Malaysian
I speak English,Chinese,Cantonese and a little bit of Japanese >o Planning to become a manga artist someday ^o^/!
Favourite Food: I eat anything really..But I really love spicy food :3! THAI FOOD IS HEAVEN <3 ! Also love Tonkotsu Ramen and Sushi~
Favourite Drinks: Green Tea, Bubble Milk Tea,Coffee..anything really~ But I don't really like Fizzy Drinks=too much sugar~

Cosplay Bio

Cosplay is just another favourite hobby of mine~
I started getting interested in Cosplay after seeing loads of people cosplaying as their favourite characters in DeviantART as well as MCM EXPO~
My First Convention was in May 2012, and I didn't cosplay back then because I don't have enough time to buy a costume ¬_¬!But it was fun seeing everyone in their cosplays and you don't feel out of place at all :3!
My first cosplay was Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown because I love her character as well as Guilty Crown~
What I enjoy about cosplay is the compliments you get and it makes you feel like you achieved something and you can act as your character without getting strange stares from people xD!


Anime / Manga / Cosplay / Japan / Drawing / Food / Travelling / Holidays