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Name : Kathryn
Website : http://kaaffin.tumblr.com/
Location : Devon
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Personal Bio

I'm a 17 year old college student from South Devon England studying "Level 3 Art and Design". I adore Disney and a whole lot of other things! I would love to work as a face-character in the Disney parks when I am older, yeah that would be amazing...
I spend a lot of my time thinking about cosplays i would like to do, but there's always a lack of money involved.
I can't wait to attend a cosplay event and will hopefully be attending Comicon some time next year with my best friend Gemma.
I will also be hopefully cosplaying Ariel with my boyfriend Mike, who has a strange resemblance to Prince Eric, dundunduuun.
But yeah qwertyuiop
Idk why i made my bio all posh and shit

Cosplay Bio

Me and my best friend Gemma were both lightly interested in L4D2 and after seeing an "AskEllisirl" blog on tumblr we decided we'd give cosplay a go! So we began planning, but because we had our exams at the time it was difficult to put it all together:(. I seriously can't wait to go to expos etc, and get seriously into character!

Contact Information

My email is kina.hill@hotmail.co.uk, but you can also contact me at:https://www.facebook.com/Kaffin



Muse / Batman / Back to the Future / Disney / 1950'S / Anime / pugs / Spynx cats / just cats / Be bothered to make youtube videos / getting the balls to sing / food / marmite / art i guess / L0L0l0l / FIXING MY GODDAMN SEWING MACHINWNWINWN1?!! / I wanna make cosplay friends so don't be shy / or *stab*