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Name : Wayne
Location : Cardiff
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Personal Bio

I am Wayne, a 30 something geek living in his own nerdvana filled world. Music and film lover who regularly attends cons up and down the country. Have many passions when it comes to cosplay but being Welsh and from Cardiff, Dr Who and Torchwood will always big a big love of mine. However I am also partial to a little Walking Dead, GoT and love the new (and old) Batman trilogy, amongst others.

Cosplay Bio

Started back in 2010 when I attended my first major con. Since joined the HA:UK to supports charities that deal with sick children wanting to meet their heroes. I mean who wouldn't want to meet their childhood hero in the flesh....if only I knew where to find a 6 foot turtle wearing a mask and carrying swords...hmmmmmmm???????

Always enjoy meeting other cosplayers at events and I am sometimes amazed at the pure talent that is out there. Some of things that people can make simply amazes me.

I am on titter so hit me up there @just_mr_thorne