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Name : Tasha
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Location : Northampton
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I am a normal girl who goes to work etc but I love Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy films and Gaming and I also love to Cosplay whenever possible :)I also present on SBOC News UK (Part of Machinima) so come follow us on Twitter and Subscribe on YouTube.

Cosplay Bio

I have Cosplayed, Xena, Zatanna, Elektra, Storm, Tifa Lockhart, Wonder Woman, Jessica Rabbit, Liesel Van Helsing, Uhura (new version) and Poison from Street Fighter so far but there are many more to come!...

Contact Information

Twitter 1: @TashaCosplay
Twitter 2: @SbocNews



Sci-fi / Fantasy and Adventure films. Gaming / Cosplay / Animals / Reading / Travelling and soooo many more things....!!!! I also am a Co-Host for SBOC News (part of Machinima) so go Subsribe to the show on YouTube :)