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Name : Lorcan
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Location : Brighton, UK
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Date of Birth : 13th February 1985
Age : 32

Personal Bio

Nostalgic, bibulous Irish 3D artist working at a videogame company in Brighton, England.

I've always admired cosplayers, and have befriended a few on the internet. I would very much like to meet a lovely geeky lady cosplayer in the UK.

Rivers Cuomo angst + Mark Corrigan thought's + Woody Allen neurosis + Charlie Brooker misanthropy + Dylan Moran whimsy = basic Lorcan ingredients.

I'm a 3D modeller, this sort of thing:

Videogames :

Favorites include Chrono Trigger, Dark Souls, Final Fantasy, LIMBO, Persona 4 and Tales of Vesperia.

(Here's a more comprehensive list:


Akira, Bleach, Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist, Studio Ghibli, Welcome to the NHK! etc.

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Videogames / JRPG's / 3d Modelling / Photoshop / Games development / Standup Comedy / Films