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Name : Kerri
Location : Ayr-Scotland
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 30th June 1993
Age : 23

Personal Bio

Hey! I'm an anime loving, manga crazy and cosplay obsessed girl form Scotland. I love to draw and being random is what I'm known for.

If I think of anything more I'll add it here!!! :D

Cosplay Bio

I first got started cosplay when I was quite young. Although I never went to cons or went anywhere I still used to dress up with what I had. Now I can afford to buy costumes and make them myself. I enjoy wearing a costumes after I've made it even if it is really rubbish.


Writer's Block: On Your Tombstone

Wed, 30 Jul 2008 12:21:00 GMT

 If I had to get something written on my grave stone it would be

"The easily amused one"

For the pure and simple fact that anything and everything amuses me to no end......



manga / anime / art / cosplay / j-rock / music / shiney thing