Personal Information

Name : Rosemary
Website : http://www.etsy.com/shop/celticroseart
Location : Cardiff, Wales
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 12th May 1985
Age : 32

Personal Bio

Female cosplayer currently living in Wales, though I have lived all over. I love Marvel comics, sci fi, Dr Who, Discworld, classic video games and gothic literature. I have two degrees, a BA in Theatre and an MA in Gothic Studies (I wrote my Masters thesis on Mesmerism). I have a wonderful boyfriend who is a member of this forum, and I adore him! I am also a pansexual, pagan liberal. I love making friends and will give anyone the time of day :) Not really into anime/manga but maybe that is something you enjoy that you could share with me?

Cosplay Bio

I have been "dressing up" since I was a child, when I was 4 years old, I decided I wanted to be Wednesday Addams and I never looked back! I tend to cosplay for occasions like Halloween and parties, as I am very socially awkward and don't have a lot of real life friends *blush* I would love to be a more active member in the scene. You may have seen me at steampunk events and cons, where ever I go, I am always Darkshines :) My first con was the October Expo in London 2012, I was Sebastian from Black Butler on Friday, Loki from Avengers Assemble on Saturday and Little Sister from Bioshock on Sunday. My possible cons upcoming are Minamicon, LSCC, May Expo (London), Blizzcon and who knows what else, haha!

Contact Information

On facebook I am Rosemary Darkshines, on twitter I am celticroseart, on the brassgoggles forum and swap-bot forum I am darkshines. I have two etsy stores, one selling my gothic and steampunk stuff (www.etsy.com/shop/celticroseart) and one I co-run with my mum, who knits bizarre, colourful monster and animal ear hats! (www.etsy.com/shop/auntielindacraft)


I love crafting / even when I don't have a cosplay on the go. At the moment I am really into felt / like Steampunk Softies / felt comic book characters / animals and stuff. I can make pretty much anything out of felt! Obviously you can see the jewelry and things I make on etsy / I love taking on custom work so if you need something gothic/steampunk / let me know! I love doing trades / just make me an offer! I am the world's biggest Discworld fan (I have the Assassin's Guild motto tattooed on my left wrist) / I once got banned from a Discworld themed quiz for correcting the quiz master. My favourite tv shows are Lost (I have a Lost tattoo as well!) / QI / Futurama / Red Dwarf / Big Bang Theory / The Prisoner / Twin Peaks....Anything nerdy or weird really. I love movies and could watch movies all day / I usually watch at least three even when I am working! I can enjoy pretty much anything bar hardcore gore (Audition / for example) / sappy rom coms and stupid kids films where they have like / a real dog but move it's mouth so it looks like it is talking? They are just dumb. I love comic book movies / sci fi / horror / action / fantasy / but my favourites of all time are cheesy black and white sci fi/horror movies from the 1950s and 60s. I have about 300 of these / and cannot resist buying them when I see them! I already own such treasures as Attack of the Killer Shrews / The Brain That Wouldn't Die and Them! so yeah. Terrible films. Modern b movies are cool as well though / like Sharktopus / Dead Snow / Black Sheep....! I work in the Lego store and I love what I do / I have a lot of Lego. No / I can't get you freebies / no I can't give you a discount :P