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Name : chris
Location : Bolton/uk
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 12th September 2008
Age : 8

Personal Bio

I AM THE ULTIMATE ONLINE GAMER!!!!! (yeah i know im ugly ahah)

haha i play like 15 online games, I LVOE EM!!! im currently single, looking for love and other such thigns lol, im straight ahah, anyways i Love manga, anime, games and all the wounderful thigns this world has to offer.... my style varies depending on the day and depending on my mood, some day i wil just wear jeans and a t-shirt, other days i will be in a punk jacket with denem jeans that are coverd in buckles, and other days i might b wearin a bright top and skinnys, i LVOE j-rock, metal, industrial, screamo, and other such mind boggling music lol... my 3 fave bands are... soil, disturbed and The Gazette, im currently unemployed but have had experience with food based jobs, retail jobs, and have been a manager for tierack, and was a supervisor for BT telecoms...

anywys im a random ass who loves to chat...

my hotmail is for anyone who wants to chat =D


":man: hey your hellboy...
:hellboy: Yeah i know im ugly!"