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Name : Beth
Location : Newcastle. United Kingdom
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Hello! My name's Beth who usually goes by the name Bethie Boo! I'm a girl who loves manga, anime, cosplay and fursuiting!

I usually make most of my own cosplays, fursuits and furry cosplays (a mix of boith cosplay and fursuiting) and enjoy meeting other cosplayers :3

I also run my own cosplay group which is called 'Ravers In The UK Cosplay' so if you would ever like to meet up with myself and my group, send me an email at

Cosplay Bio

I am a total fangirl when it comes to cosplay. I only begun this year so its been a really new thing for me! The first manga and anime I ever read was Fruits basket. I am looking forward to joining some cosplay group that may do fruits basket cosplay so I can this dream. I also do Hetalia's Seychelles, Flying mint bunny, fem! Greece, fem!turkey, Neko! Greece and fem! Romano!

I'm really hoping to do a fruits basket cosplay soon! i'd be really grateful for anybody who may be doing one to let me know! and maybe i can come join?

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Twitter: BethieDaBoo
Deviantart: Nyotalia-Romano
Skype: BethieBoo



Items still for sale, MUST GO~!

Fri, 03 Jan 2014 01:01:35 GMT

As I really want reach my target of 1000 dollars asap with your help,
I've sorted out things and prices.

I have a couple of fursuit partials which are being worked on as we speak!

So here's the prices and such:

Ladder Auction canine fursuits:
A canine hybrid (corgi, wolf, coyote and husky) and a wolfsky (wolf and a husky)
Both of these will be listed on furbury for a start bid of 200 dollars which will include a head a tail.

200- head, tail and character
250-paws and con badge
350- leg sleeves
400- feetpaws (or the material to make your own)

A feline head base
A foam/balaclava head base which has a static jaw.
60 dollars, has a potential buyer.

DIY fursuit starter kit
Includes, 5 yards/meters of faux fur in two colors, foam, balaclava, bag of stuffing, couple of tail and ear sets

Yellow/White Husky Bodysuit

Yellow and white husky bodysuit, worn a couple of times, once for meet, another for pictures.
Would most likely fit a Medium sized woman, I'm a UK size 10 and it's baggy on me.
150 dollars with shipping (50 to US), has a potential buyer.

Candy partial
Yellow and white husky fursuit head, with follow-me-eyes, fleece tongue and static jaw.
Includes white hand paws and yellow/White fluffy tail.
200 dollars plus shipping, may have a potential buyer.

Black Wolf Quadsuit
Asking price is 250 dollars plus shipping which may be 100+ to the US, is based in the UK.
This was made in March 2013 and worn to one convention for a couple of hours, been worn once since then, for pictures.
Includes, head, stilts and bodysuit with an attached tail. Feet were ripped apart :(
May have a potential buyer.
If it doesn't sell, will be sold off in pieces, listed below.

Black Digigrade Bodysuit
Yellow and white husky bodysuit, worn numerous times but is still in good condition.
Would most likely fit a Medium sized woman, I'm a UK size 10 and it's baggy on me.
150 dollars with shipping (50 to US), has a potential buyer.

Black Wolf Quadsuit Head
100 dollars plus shipping is asking price.
Is attached to a adjustable skateboard helmet, hand and machine sewn.
Can be change for a small fee is buyer wishes.

Black canine quadsuit stilts
100 dollars plus shipping is asking price.
Is piping and foam, very sturdy with wooden handles drilled in, hand and machine sewn.

Box of Foam
50 dollars plus shipping is asking price.
Comes with a variety of length, width and height.
Will have as much as possible crammed into a box/bag.

Pikahchu onesie

25 dollars plus shipping.
Will fit a Medium to Large, I'm a UK size 10 and the small is huge on me.

Fursuit tails
20 dollars starting price.
Variety of colours, lengths and styles.

Necomimi Ears
60 dollars plus shipping.
Includes white cat ears, headgear, strap for back- no batteries however.
Have only been worn once and come with original packaging.

Character Auctions
10 dollars plus starting bid.
Can be sent via email after being scanned or in mail.
If goes over certain bid, will include free tail.

Fruits Basket Manga books
23 manga books of the series of fruits basket.
Start price is 80 dollars.
Sort of a furry manga, if you count people turning into animals of the Chinese zodiac as a furry thing.
Were used before me, but are in great condition.
Shipping to US should be around 40 dollars as they're pretty heavy.



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