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Name : Beth
Location : Newcastle. United Kingdom
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Hello! My name's Beth who usually goes by the name Bethie Boo! I'm a girl who loves manga, anime, cosplay and fursuiting!

I usually make most of my own cosplays, fursuits and furry cosplays (a mix of boith cosplay and fursuiting) and enjoy meeting other cosplayers :3

I also run my own cosplay group which is called 'Ravers In The UK Cosplay' so if you would ever like to meet up with myself and my group, send me an email at

Cosplay Bio

I am a total fangirl when it comes to cosplay. I only begun this year so its been a really new thing for me! The first manga and anime I ever read was Fruits basket. I am looking forward to joining some cosplay group that may do fruits basket cosplay so I can this dream. I also do Hetalia's Seychelles, Flying mint bunny, fem! Greece, fem!turkey, Neko! Greece and fem! Romano!

I'm really hoping to do a fruits basket cosplay soon! i'd be really grateful for anybody who may be doing one to let me know! and maybe i can come join?

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Twitter: BethieDaBoo
Deviantart: Nyotalia-Romano
Skype: BethieBoo



Fullsuit For Sale!

Sat, 29 Nov 2014 11:27:06 GMT

((I would love to sell her as a fusuit, but if nobody bids on her I will either Relist her and/or be willing to trade or sell her as a partial!))

Bid on her here:

So I'm selling a fullsuit on furbuy and would be super grateful if someone were to bid on her- all of the funds go towards my upcoming fursuit commission! This suit was made by several makers and originally belonged to the awesome artist, MusicOfLuie!

The head was made by FoxFairy and has:
• Built in balaclava base
• Moving jaw
• Static plastic eyes
• Clay nose and teeth

For being a first time head, she has VERY good ventalation and good sight! You could easily remove her old eyes and replace them with new ones.

The body, paws and feetpaws were made by Kitsuneru and Iple and has:
• Built in digi padding
• Three poppers on the front of the suit
• Hole for tail at the back
• Five fingered paws
• Go up to elbow and meet with purple sleeves on bodysuit
• Two belt loops for tail
• Size 7 to 8(?) women's?
• Built on house booties/slippers
• Have car mat pawpaws




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