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Name : Bethh
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Location : Birmingham
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Personal Bio

I'm nicknamed as Havi and i've been cosplaying for 2 years. I dont have many friend that share the same love i do for Anime, manga and cosplay in general >.<

So hoping to make a few just to hang out:3
I'm quite loud once you get to know me and i'm open about cosplaying any anime or watching;o
I run a YouTube for my cosplaying;
and a Facebook;

Cosplay Bio

I currently cosplay Grell Sutcliff, Alois Tracy, Sebastian Michaelis,Ciel Phantomhive and Yuzuriha Inori. I'm up for any type of cosplay, visual novels, game, film, anime or even OC characters >.<

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So of course i love cosplay / anime and manga / as you can see. I also love reading / writing and drawing;o i love meeting new people and talking about new things o.o