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Name : Gareth
Website :
Location : Fife
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 25th May 1987
Age : 29

Personal Bio

Hey there!

I'm new here, and new to cosplay, now living in Scotland!

Easy going guy, likes to look after his friends and looks out for them. I'm shy at first but like everyone really :)

Feel free to come and say hello if you see me at a con :P

Thats a little about me :)

Cosplay Bio

I got started thanks to a friend who wanted me to go to the MCM expo in London. I went as HUNK, it was a habdash of a costume :P But since then I got the bug.

Now I have a job I mainly go for videogame costumes. However I want to move into making my own stuff rather than just buying from EBAY.

Proudest moment so far, is making people believe my wig for Pliskin was my real hair :D

Contact Information

Gareth Aaron Jones on facebook.


Metal Gear / Resident Evil / Videogames / Anime / Manga / Books / Drawing / Writing / Movies / Comics(HUGE HULK AND PUNISHER FAN) / ZOMBIES / Video games