Personal Information

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Name : Ben
Location : Kent, UK
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 22nd January 1983
Age : 32

Personal Bio

Well, I am a University Student studying for a BMus degree. I am a musician and composer, and I write music for my degree as well; I play the Organ, Piano and Harpsichord. I also play a lot of sports and do a lot of keeping fit as well: cycling, snooker, pool, archery, bowling, golf, darts etc. I study Martial Arts. My most unique interest is bellydancing: I've been doing it for about 4 years now and enjoyed every moment! I'm thinking about giving some cosplays I'm going to do a bellydance twist to them! Just a couple though! *winks*

Cosplay Bio

I'm relatively new to cosplay, not too experienced (if at all!) but we all have to start somewhere! ^_^;;


Playing and writing music / many sports: cycling / snooker / pool / archery / bowling / golf / darts / Iaido / Kyudo / and bellydancing!