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Name : Kishi
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Location : London
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Hey guys! Kishi here~ (or akishiko)

I'm usually pretty bad at these kind of things but I'll try my best. I am half Filipino, half Chinese (well, Taiwanese), so I can reply to you in Filipino but I never really learned Mandarin, which is a shame. I'm currently in my first year of college/sixth form doing Maths and the three Sciences. It's pretty damn stressful at the moment since I'm the laziest person you'll ever meet. Procrastination will be the death of me one day. I'm hoping to be useful for the society one day, not definitely sure which career to go for though. (My original plan of a maths career is not looking likely because I'm failing. "orz...)

I train WTF Taekwondo, the more Olympic/sports style of the art. Though, since my instructor is Korean, I feel like I'm getting a balance of both WTF and ITF which is always good. Oh, I have this weird attraction to guns, swords and other weapons. I don't own any yet because I'm a goody-two-shoes and actually care about the law, but when I turn 18... fufufu~

As for other interests, the obvious anime and manga - of course. I am also a fan of video games, especially RPG and fighting games. Street Fighter is probably my most played game, but I'm not good at it or anything - I just enjoy playing. My PSN is: akishiko if anyone is interested. (I will probably reject invites to play because I'm scared I'm not good enough, it's not because I hate you or anything - I'm sorry ;__;)

Well, that's about it. Don't be scared to talk to me on any of these social networking sites:

Twitter - @akishik0
Tumblr of random gifs, art, cute things, etc (somewhat NSFW) -
Personal Tumblr -
dA -

Cosplay Bio

When I was 12, my mother brought me to a convention back in Asia for the first time. It was really... unexpected. Sadly, I had a bad case of tantrums because it was WAY crowded. People were stepping on my feet and I really couldn't get anywhere. So my mother bought me a Naruto headband and decided to leave because I was sobbing ;u; The last thing I remember seeing was a group of Akatsuki cosplayers just laughing and talking about the latest episode of Naruto. That was the first and last Asian convention I ever went to.

When I first moved to the UK, I was surprised that no one really knew about anime. Watching anime in Asia was so common, I never thought it was different or weird. So when I found the first group of people who said the word 'anime', I stuck with them ever since. The annoying part is, they're all boys. I need girl friends to cosplay with because these people don't make an effort. ;A;

I started cosplaying when I was 13, the second London MCM Expo that my friends invited me to. (I just wore cat ears to my first because shy...) I went as Suzumiya Haruhi from her melancholy. It was so fun having people recognize you and taking pictures of you like you're a celebrity. Ever since then, I've cosplayed to every convention (apart from LFCC's) that I ever went to.

All of my cosplays are bought or commissioned unless stated otherwise. I can't sew and I don't really have the time or resources to even learn how to because of school, TKD and my attempts to have a social life. Though, I'm completely fine with it and don't really care if I get looked down because of it. I just want to participate in a masquerade one day, so hopefully I will learn how to make my own costumes.

PS: I'm currently looking for a photographer (and female cosplay friends! ;A;), though I won't be able to pay you because I'm poor. But I'm tired of having no pictures of my cosplays and none of my friends are interested in helping me take some. So if anyone is interested, I'd love to have cosplay friends!

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