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Name : Natalie
Website : http://vergils-girl.livejournal.com
Location : High Wycombe
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Date of Birth : 25th July 1992
Age : 24

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Hey, I'm a first year student studying Classics at Lampeter. If you want to find out more about me, there's my livejournal or my tumblr, username completeglobalsaturation.

Might expand on this another time.

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Find me at cosplay.com as Elata
My msn is: xelatax@hotmail.com - if you add me, announce yourself! I don't talk to new people unless they speak up first XD
AIM: RagingElata


it's in your eyes

Thu, 26 Jan 2012 12:20:06 GMT

Meme from [personal profile] admiral :3!A year in review photo meme! One photo for each month of 2011. Somehow I've managed to find photos of me on FB for almost every month, which I'm fairly impressed with. And yeah some of these are fairly big, I apologise.

January. When I had my hair cut super short, just after a shower.

February. One of many nights spent hanging out with the guys in their kitchen and drinking.

March. This is when I dressed as Trinity for the Superhero Night at our uni's 'nightclub'.

April. This is when it started getting lovely and sunny (in WALES) so we spent lots of time by the river.

May. On the train to Birmingham to see Avenue Q. I fell asleep once or twice and the others kept hanging pretzels off my glasses so I wasn't amused :(

June. Another sunny day by the river!

July. Not many photos this month so just one of my with my hair cut a bit. Looking derpy.


September. Back at uni, this was a 'gift' from a couple of the boys :T

October. Er, none for October, unfortunately.

November. Doing some filming with my boyfriend and his mates.

December. Technically on FB this comes under 2012 but I know this photo was taken a couple days before the new year. Me and my boyfriend :3

And that's the lot! I must make sure to get lots of pics for this year too.



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