Personal Information

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Name : Ellie
Location : Bristol
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 2nd January 1998
Age : 19

Personal Bio

Hey I'm Ellie! ^^
Um, i dont really know what to say, but if you want to chat or whatever feel free to message me. I really really adore Strawberry Panic, it would be great to find some more fans from the UK :)
Im pretty good at making conversation if i say so myself! ;D

Cosplay Bio

Okay so like...dont kill me but...IVE NEVER ACTUALLY COSPLAYED BEFORE.
BUTTTTTTTT thats why i decided to make an account i can meet cosplayers from around my area. Maybe we can meet up or some shiz. Id really love to meet some other strawberry panic cosplayes because im planning on going to some cosplay conventions in a few months and meeting someone would be really good. Id especially like to meet a Hikari seeing as ill be Amane :3


Strawberry Panic / anime / manga / yuri / food / flyleaf / shizuma / nagisa / amane / hikari / chocolate / omnomnom / guitar / gaming / pokemon / yu-gi-oh / digimon / chicken / friendly people / wow i sound really boring D: / HUGS! :D