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Name : Bethan
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Location : Wales + South East England
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Hey there guys, my name's Bethan. I'm a student with no social life whatsoever.
My entire life revolves around when my favorite movies, games or T.V Shows are released.
I love making videos on youtube on my two channels, crackedcosplay and bethatemycookies. Photography is my hidden talent. I'm also an avid blogger and fanfiction author.
My aim is to become a Director.

Cosplay Bio

When I was in year 9, I had to pick the subjects I was going to take in GCSE. Art was one of them. I'm genuinely creative, whether it's writing or drawing or just being creative. After two years of Art GCSE, it's safe to say I did not enjoy the pressure of the subject unfortunately. Cosplay has now become one of my creative pursuits and I'm pleased to say that I absolutely adore it.

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filming / cosplay / comic con / merlin / doctor who / harry potter / sherlock / lord of the rings / avengers / downton abbey / tweeting / writing fanfiction