Personal Information

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Name : Caius
Location : Sweden
Date of Birth : 6th January 1993
Age : 21

Personal Bio

I'm the one they call Caius or Vaz and I've been around for the past 20 years. The place I live in is a small town in Sweden, pretty much in the middle of it all. I currently don't have a job and am planning to start a company of my own as a photographer since I lack other things to do; and I'm also planning to take aim at my goal to become an author sometime soon.

As a person others tend to describe me as "always happy, kind, strange, and calm". I for one don't agree with the part of me always beeing happy (my question to those who believes in such things is as follows; "who the hell can live a life with only happines? I for one cannot do that"). I'm an actor, I can be anyone you want and I can fool you into thinking that I feel things that I don't feel.
I for one would describe myself as motivated, creative, and different.

I like many things and I hate many things; and one of the things that I truly like is to create - which is something I do in more ways than one.

Cosplay Bio

I've known about cosplay since late 2007/early 2008, but I wasn't allowed to cosplay... My parents thought it was stupid and whatever it was (they never really said exactly why I wasn't allowed to cosplay), so I was just allowed to be sitting all alone in my room and watch pictures and videos of the cosplays people around the world worn to conventions.

It wasn't until the late spring 2012 that I began to cosplay and I can just say that I don't intend to quit for quite some time now (first I shall cosplay all the characters I want to before I quit with it). Though, from sometime in late September 2012 I had some unknown sickness until late December, so I wasn't able to cosplay nor make any costumes during that period. I'm still trying to learn how to sew and I'm always aming to become better than what I was yesterday.

As of October 1 my friends and I officially decided that we without a doubt are a cosplaygroup - now known as Pandorai Cosplay. And we have quite a lot planned, making skits is just one of them.

Conventions I'll be visiting during 2014;
My:Närcon (January 4-6)
Storcon (sometime in June)
Örncon (because the rest of my cosplaygroup lives where it is and that's why I should afford going to it)
Närcon (late July)
Peppcon (most likely September or October)
Kultcon or Confusion (depending on when they take place)

Contact Information

Facebook page | dA | Youtube channel

And in case you'd like to contact me alone, look me up on dA or shoot a PM here.


Books / movies / games / anime / manga / music / photographing / drawing / painting / bookbinding / dragons / demons / fantasy / writing