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Name : Chelsea
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 10th June 1996
Age : 19

Personal Bio

Hi! I'm Chelsea, but my nickname's Cherry. I'm kind of new to cosplay but I am really determined to get as good as the cosplayers on here.
I have a big love for movies, Superhero and Comedies being my favourite genres.
I also like video games, with my console being an Xbox 360. My top games to play are Metal Gear Solid, the Batman Arkham series (Arkham City being my favourite game ever), Grand Theft Auto 5, Assassin's Creed, Hitman (Blood Money and Absolution), Saints Row, Sleeping Dogs, basically any fighting game and any other game I find interesting.
Comics and Anime are also a love of mine. I love anything Deadpool and Hetalia!
My major fandoms are Hetalia, GTA5, The Avengers/Marvel Cinematic Universe and Supernatural. I'm also a major shipper and can get emotionally attached to fictional characters pretty easily.
I'm currently in college, studying Production Arts, so Make-up, costume, all that lovely stuff

Cosplay Bio

As I said, I'm kind of new to cosplay. I remember seeing cosplay on old youtube videos of expos and I instantly fell in love. I told my big brother about it and we're always telling eachother who we wanna cosplay, but we're always changing our minds so they barely get done.
Konata Izumi from Lucky Star was my first cosplay, but I'm hoping to do better characters and make the cosplays myself. As they say, practise makes perfect :)


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