Mïdnïght_Ñø _Kåzé

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Name : Midnight
Location : ~The Village Hidden in Leafs~
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 4th February 1990
Age : 27

Personal Bio

IM THE STRONGEST COFFEE CANDY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!! ((lol XD sorry for being random XD))

Well..what can I say. Im currently going to Art collage and enjoy drawing/designing various anime things. I always have a quite unique point of view at the world so people dont get me most times lol

Im always really friendly to people and dont judge them by their style or looks. You could say that Im always happy to make new friends ^___^

Things I like? hmm ...I like loads of things O_o" like drawing, playing PS2 games, reading Manga, Cosplaying with my friends, Listening to metal and J-Rock most of the time ..uhhh..Roleplaying on internet.


:I watch anime :I draw anime :I read anime : I eat anime.... :....propebly die from eating anime lol