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Name : Kawaii
Website : http://www.kawaiixfukuroconfettiblog.blogspot.co.uk/
Location : United Kingdom
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I'm a happy-go-lucky type of person, currently I'm a student at Confetti Studios- so yeah I'm a gamer :3 I also enjoy a lot of anime/ manga and have been cosplaying for five years but I've only just started attending cons, plus I'm a yaoi fan~heh.

Other than that my main hobby is art and animation, I'm an animal lover and help rescue and retrain dogs and birds, other times I take in terrapins or help out at local livery yards with people's horses so I also horse-ride. Sometimes I write fanfictions, stories and then other times I work on customising or fixing breyers.

So yeah I can be quite random with things =^.-.^=

Cosplay Bio

Even though i've been cosplaying for 5 years, it's only since 2012 that I wanted to get more involved by going to cons and creating my own costumes, my first was Itachi Uchiha but now I've come to love more anime and games other than Naruto I've expanded my 'character to-do list'.I'm a Nottingham cosplayer and part of a cosplay team called Moshin' Unicorns which is also based in Nottingham and sometimes you'll find us on Omeagle :3 My first con was MCM London Comic Con 2012 and I went with my college buddies so hopefully I'll be attending more cons soon ;3

Cons Attending:
~ MCM Birmingham Comic Con 2013
~ MCM May London Expo 2013
~ Gamescon- Cologne, Germany 2013
~ MCM Manchester Comic Con 2013?
~ J-con Derbyshire 2013
~ MCM October London Expo 2013

Cons Attended:
~ MCM October London Expo 2012

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Japanese culture / anime / manga / cosplaying / reading / writing / art / climbing trees / music / daydreaming / animals / horse-riding / ice-skating / travelling / gaming / yaoi / legend of zelda / birds / link / games / darksiders / epona / Okami / horses / pandora hearts / loveless / otaku / ouran high school host club / naruto / toginu no chi / sekaiichi hatsukoi / beyblade / digimon / pokemon / wolfs rain / azu manga daioh / sunshine sketch / durarara!!! / kuroshitsuji / ai ore / vocaloid