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Personal Information

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Name : Eilidh
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Location : Scotland
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 17th February 1989
Age : 26

Personal Bio

I am a health and safety hazard. Actual fact. As a sufferer of severe Salicylate Intolerance and Anaphylaxis I cannot eat real people food, use real people make-up, or wear real people clothing as I am clearly some sort of construct and not a human being at all; which makes both life and cosplay quite challenging and interesting at best (an utter disaster at worst).

I graduated with a BDes Hons in Textile Design in 2012 specialising in digital surface print design for fashion textiles. Despite this somewhat misleading moniker, I have no formal training in sewing or pattern cutting; that's all learned through trial and error. I also enjoy making stained glass jewellery for fun.

I like to make new friends who are just as nerdy as I am at cons and events, so if you like the cut of my jib or the look of one of my cosplay, just come say hi and let's see what adventures we can go on. ;P

Cosplay Bio

I started dressing up as soon as I could crawl into my mum's wardrobe and have never really stopped. I started cosplaying "officially" in 2006, though I did do a lot of accidental cosplay before that.

I mostly enjoy the challenge of figuring out how to make something from an image into something that's actually wearable; especially dying/staining, horrible paint/gore fx and sculpting.

I didn't deliberately enter any cosplay competitions until Sunnycon 2013 with Zomboi (we didn't win, but we got a lot out of it confidence-wise and we now feel like we could enter more in the future); the two I accidentally entered (that I know about) before that I did win something. At Auchinawa 2008, we didn't realise that the masquerade and competition were the same thing and we won "Scariest/Most Creepy Group in the Masquerade". At October Expo 2008 Angelphie and Ashe-chan tricked me into entering by not telling me I was being judged... I did find it a bit odd how interested Odangochan was in my hand-painted socks... but we won best skit for my character accurate Bob Fossil dance moves. No joke. lol.

I used to attend Cosplay Scotland meets (and attended both Nickelcon 1 and Nickelcon 2) between 2006 and 2009 where I first began cosplaying with those other muppets who eventually became the rest of the team behind Blood/Sugar Cosplay: Raine, Zomboi, Nickel and X'amd.

Conventions & Events I have attended:

Edinburgh International Science Festival Star Trek Exhibition 1995
Pokemon Regional Championships 2000
Golden Demon 2003
Auchinawa 2006
Amecon 2007
Japan Ex 2008 (Paris, France, Europe)
London MCM October Expo 2008
Auchinawa 2008
D-con 2009 - Attended as Dealer/Artist with Cakepirates
AX/Anime Expo 2009 (Los Angeles, California, USA) = Event No. 10
Ayacon Revolution 2009
London MCM October Expo 2009
D-con 2010 - Attended as Dealer/Artist with Cakepirates
Minamicon 2010
London MCM May Expo 2010
London MCM October Expo 2010
Auchinawa 2010
Ayacon 2011
Dee-con 2012 - Blood/Sugar Cosplay, attended as Dealers = Event No. 20
Kitacon 2012
Amecon 2012
Sunnycon 2 2013 - Blood/Sugar Cosplay, attended as Dealers
DOJ-con 2013 - Blood/Sugar Cosplay, attended as Dealers
MCM London Comic Con, May 2013
Ayacon Apocalypse 2013
DokiDoki Festival 2013 - Blood/Sugar Cosplay, attended as Dealers
DeeCon 2014 - Blood/Sugar Cosplay, attended as Dealers
Planet Folkestone's Geek Fest 2014 - Tolkien Cosplayers, attended as Fundraising Helper Elves
LFCC 2014 - Blood/Sugar Cosplay, attended as Dealers = Event No. 30
MCM Glasgow Comic Con 2014

I am planning to attend:

Auchinawa 2014
The Big Glasgow Comic Mart, 6th December 2014 - Blood/Sugar Cosplay, attending as Dealers
Monthly Big Glasgow Comic Marts 2015 - Blood/Sugar Cosplay, potentially attending as Dealers (TBC)
AmeChibi 2015
Deecon 2015 - Blood/Sugar Cosplay, potentially attending as Dealers (TBC)
Glasgow Comic Con 2015 (TBC)
Feel the Force Day 2015 (TBC)


manga / anime / comics / cartoons / disney / cosplay / crossplay / hula-hooping / horror / reading / art / writing / singing / dancing / films / music / sci-fi / fantasy / K-drama / adventuring / musicals / crafts / stained glass making / videogames / burlesque / mermaids / fairytales / etc.