Personal Information

Name : Matthew
Location : United Kingdom
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 11th August 1988
Age : 28

Personal Bio

Meine name ist Matt. I live in a small village in Surrey, work full-time and LOVE annie may and mangoz. Bit of a gamer too, not too much of a gamer these days though. Recovering WoW addict, LAWL. I'm mainly interested in anything mecha/ecchi when it comes to anime/manga but I always keep an open mind and am open to suggestions/new things.
Oh also I'm working to try and be soooooooo kaway, so I can look good while cosplaying and you never know, maybe stop being forever alone ya?

Cosplay Bio

I'm a noob cosplayer orz. I used to cosplay Uchiha Sasuke at London Expo but that stopped years ago since I'm not a Narutard anymore. I was a Power Ranger once, Wild Force Red. That was a few years ago now too. I've not cosplayed since. It's something I really want to get into, I really like the look of the whole "cosplay scene". We'll see how it goes with my first "proper" cosplays at Amecon 2012 :3



Video Games / Anime / Manga / listening to music / playing bass guitar / going to the gym.