Personal Information

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Name : natalie
Location : TN,Davidson
Date of Birth : 11th April 1996
Age : 21

Personal Bio

Im shy,bi,and saying hi?...lol that was kinda lame.
Once you get to know me I can be really random and talkative.(also wierd)lol
I draw pretty good,I lov to have fun,and Im looking for fun,cool,epic,watever frenz to do crazy geek,or not,things with.

Cosplay Bio

I am huge on cosplay.I only cosplayed at MTAC Omega 2012.But ever since I saw skits on youtube and been to MTAC I always wanted to get with a cosplay group and have Fun XD.Anyway.The only cosplay I have right now is Sora Cosplay,but Ill try to get others.

Contact Information

I got a epicnat13@yahoo.com
facebook.(not sure what my user is)just search for sakiangelakuma13@yahoo.com




Fri, 08 Oct 2004 21:03:50 GMT

red is the outline for the things she's unsure of.
my whole mouth is red from her

LEGALIZE HEROIN and, feel my structure.

school was a bitch today. im gonna get so fucking drunk tonight that i wont even know my own name. what is my name?

i wish i could put my pics on here, but i dont know how :(



Cats / cold drinks / miny things / Johnny Depp / art / music / ect