Personal Information

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Name : Mark
Location : Norwich
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 10th November 1983
Age : 33

Personal Bio

Im a chef by trade with a keen eye for woodwork, photography and writing.
Cosplay has become a large part of my hobbies as it can incorporate my likeing for manual crafts and the photography side too.

Cosplay Bio

It started with being at a loose end and wanting something constructive to do with my time. First came Lloyd Asplund, then Leonard Testarossa and beyond!

I do enjoy being recognised for my achievements but much more than that its playing out characters I wish to represent, (mostly unusual characters) and have fun doing their quirks and mannerisms.

My greatest achievement was being recognised as Leonard Testarossa at Amecon.
One of my ambitions is to make a T-45 Power armour from Fallout 3. Its a long term project but Bring it on!!


As with being creative with my hands... No...Not like that! But woodworking / cooking and crafts Cosplay is a big part of my interests. I also enjoy walking and nature / Progressive rock music and Video gaming on occasion. I have also acquired a taste for travel / when time and money allow. My greatest excursion was to Italy / Seeing Pompeii and Vesuvius.