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Name : Louise
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Location : Scotland, United Kingdom
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Date of Birth : 4th September 1989
Age : 27

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Uh, not too sure on what to say here. I'm 22, live in Scotland and I have a useless degree for a field where there's no jobs available.. so I now work as a prisoner custody officer. HOW INTERESTING. I'm just glad I keep cosplaying a secret at work or I'm sure I'd get lynched by a con for being such a weirdo hah.

Cosplay Bio

I can't even remember when I first started cosplaying but it was yeaaaaars ago! And it all started with Naruto.. my first cosplay was Uchiha Itachi and I used my own hair and bought the cosplay from ebay and didn't do anything to improve it before I wore it. EMBARRASSING ~. But I've moved on from then, now I always use wigs I've cut and styled myself and make my own costumes now when it is possible (though I still suck at sewing!) I'm also trying to be more creative with the characters I cosplay, and not be scared to do something just because I'm scared of not being recognised. Uh, that's about all I can say so far!

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Drawing / animation / video editing / video gaming / other stuff.