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Name : Alex
Location : Reading
Gender :   

Personal Bio

I think i'm viewed with a bit of confusion :L.
i dress kinda wierdly a lot of the time. i have a fantastic silly hat collection, and often wear odd, outlandish styles like capes and reeeally spikey hair
I adore music, i'm a singer/bassist in a band called Torn Between, and i'm also massively into physics.

Cosplay Bio

For quite a while i've really enjoyed seeing cosplays, and watching animes and reading manga, but i never actually made my own cosplay. so at last i've started, and a pretty easy i thought Reno from FFVII to start and then i got into kingdom hearts and will cosplay Roxas to MCM in may :D


oh so many things. Warhammer 40k / Kingdom Hearts / FFVII / all the best fantasy films eg LOTR / Dragons / Sci-Fi (firefly and farscape are mah faves) / books / gaming / physics / maths / music (mainly metal) / oh the list goes on.