Personal Information

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Name : Alexi
Location : Melksham
Date of Birth : 4th May 1991
Age : 26

Personal Bio

Hey I'm Alex(i) from Southampton but live in Melksham and I am transgender also I like ducks.
I'm 21 but really don't act it.
I game a hell of a lot on all platforms so I don't bash different consoles like the Wii.
I love meeting and talking to new people. I really want to try to meet people local to me that cosplay as I'm new to this and want friends who are interested in anime/manga and cosplay.

I can't think what else to write but feel free to say hi I'm a nice person :)

Cosplay Bio

I started planning my first cosplay about a week ago after visiting a local anime meet up thing, I have loved cosplay for ages but didn't do anything till recently as I didn't know there was local events and finding out there was made me want to cosplay as I could still attend local events.
What I really love about cosplay and conventions is the chance to escape reality and the chance to be whoever you want to be. Also the great feeling you get that there are people like you and you're not all that different after all.

Contact Information

Facebook - N/A (at current)
Vampirefreaks - Alexander-Lionheart
E-mail / MSN - the_angel_withen@hotmail.co.uk
Runescape - Xx Eternal


Reading / Anime / Manga / Gaming / Skateboarding / Music / Cosplay?