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Name : Charlotte
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Location : England
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Date of Birth : 19th September 1991
Age : 25

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An animation student who is also a cosplayer and otaku. My loves are Touhou, Anime, Games, cosplay and Arts & Crafts. I wish to cosplay every Touhou character if possible. <3 Touhou Project <3

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My first cosplay was at MCM expo May 2007, I cosplayed Rukia Kuchiki (School Uniform) I love making cosplay, especially props. I am most proud of my Flandre Scarlet cosplay, mainly due to the light up wings, They were very time consuming to make and fiddly too, but I love seeing them when they are lit up and the great feedback I get from people at conventions makes it worth the effort ^_^




Thu, 07 Jan 2010 23:56:06 GMT

Hmm, I really should update this every once in a while, ne?
Well 2010, Much, Much snow. Had 2 day off college because of it. Got another day off tomorrow cause of it too.

Another Uni interview on Tuesday, wish me luck?

The year so far has been fine, had it's good moments and sad & Depressing ones. But thats life.

I'll try to update this thing, more. No promises though, I have a memory like a sieve. lol

Hopw you are all doing well.

Now for the Video :D

It's a Touhou one, I love touhou <3



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